Designs and manufactures metal components for industrial packaging used in steel products such as coils, sheet metal and tinplate packs and many other products

In 2000, the 40th anniversary year, and again in 2006, certifications

Collars for Coils

Refinement over time has enabled our company to develop a type of collar that makes the coils resistant to handling shocks and weathering during storage or transport to the end customer

Siderproject and the Foreign Market

The company’s choice is to produce these machines only for the foreign market, reserving the right to supply only the packaging components for the Italian market.

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Years of Experience

Siderproject produces high-quality containers for office, changing room or warehouse use

Interior made of plastic laminate panels joined to the structure mechanically and by means of polyurethane mastics.
Galvanised steel exterior and pre-treated wooden mouldings.
Stainless steel roof and eaves

High-quality container for changing room use
High-quality container for office/warehouse use

Ease of use and reliability their greatest assets

Products born after years of experience in the sector and which, compared to what the market has previously offered, find in ease of use and reliability their greatest assets.

Siderproject also offers its customers the service of packing and shipping the products in its own care.

we make the best protection

Acquiring a great deal of experience in this specific sector over time. Aiming to perfect packaging and its components.