Products and Services


– Slitting of narrow strips
– Coil trimming
– Cutting to size of standard sheets (1000×2000) (1250×2500) or on request
– Sheet metal bending
– Plasterboard profiles
– L-, U-, OMEGA-bent profiles
– Profile angles, any length

Accessories for packing coils

– Pleated collars for external edge protection
– Collars for internal hole
– Metal discs for protecting coil coils
– Half or quarter discs
– Sheet metal sheets (outer or inner shell) cut to size
– Caps and half-caps with or without hole (for tipped coils)

Accessories for tinplate packaging

– Side bands
– Half side strips with cut for manual folding
– Angles for protecting the edges of the bundle

– Building profiles
– Accessories for storing packaging materials
– Packaging and shipping service for steel products


In addition to its primary work, the company produces high-quality containers for use office, changing room or warehouse use.

Example of a module for changing room use:

External dimensions: 250 x 610 x h285 cm
Internal dimensions: 228 x 588 x h250 cm

Prefabricated building consisting of a steel frame with tubular beams 60 x 80 x 3 mm thick, welded together and protected by an anti-rust paint cycle plus enamel.
Interior made of plastic laminate panels joined to the structure
mechanically and by means of polyurethane mastics.
Galvanised steel exteriors and pre-treated wooden mouldings.
Stainless steel roof and eaves.
Thermal walls or cavity insulated with 6 cm styrop foam.
Anodised aluminium window frames with double shatterproof glass.
Plumbing system with three-layer Viega pipes and bronze fittings.
Watertight electrical system with appropriate certification.
No. 4 shackles anchored to the supporting structure for lifting.
Typical fittings:
No. 5 showers in two grilled basins with single-lever mixers
No. 2 watertight ceiling lights
no. 1 three-power thermology
no. 1 vapour aspirator
no. 1 emergency lamp
no. 1 external watertight brass marine-style ceiling light
no. 1 peripheral lighting festoon
and more products